Nothing Interesting

Nothing interesting is happening in my life. Everyone else is off travelling or expecting babies. I am stuck at home being all housewifey and trying to find work.

The good news is that I might be getting somewhere on the proofreading front. Although things are happening very slowly. I have had some nice feedback about my website too ( even though there isn’t much there yet.

I am applying for all sorts of random jobs right now to get some of our debt paid off. Which, quite frankly is a little scary. It is amazing how quicly a £12,000 loan becomes a £17,000 debt!

At least we all have fireworks to look forward to. I am going to 2 big displays this year 😀 We have decided against setting our house alight at home. Our garden is tiny. So it would be impossible to place a firework more than 1m away from something.


Last weekend we went to Swansea for Gaz’s Birthday. We had a pleasant journey listening to good music, and we hardly got lost at all. The party was great and we all have some exciting drunken memories from it. If you were there (or missed the party) and want to see the photos, you’ll need to contact Joe. He has had the good sense to password protect them all.

The sad thing is, we will not see Cate and Gaz again until next March. Those lucky two are off travelling. We shall both really miss them, it will take a bit of getting used to. I wish I were the one travelling.

We’re getting on with things here in Walsall. Life is not very exciting at the moment, but it is nice to have a routine. I am still waiting for that all-important business deal that will enable me to leave work and be self employed for good. I had a fairly promising letter today, so that has lifted my spirts.

I can’t believe it, but I have already started thinking about Christmas. The Christmas holiday period has been arranged for months – we know where are every day between 22 Dec and 2nd Jan. Present shopping is already starting to worry me. Why does Christmas come around so quickly? I love christmas, but I hate the fuss that goes on beforehand.

Still, I expect I’ll get in the mood round about the 24th Dec or something; however I do need to organise shopping before then. I try to avoid the shops for the two weeks prior to Christmas. That leaves us only 5 weekends between now and Christmas (when we are not away visiting people) for us to go shopping. This is why I am already starting to worry. Pathetic isn’t it? I hope they don’t put the decorations up too early this year. There is nothing worse than walking about a shop in November with “so here it is: Merry Christmas…” playing and decorations everywhere and you know that you still have a month or more of work before you’ll get any holiday. Grr…

I have just remembered that we have promised to visit someone else before Christmas. That leaves us only 4 weekends of shopping. Oh, and one of those we are having visitors so now there are only 3.


We went to Reading for the weekend to attend the “Royal Berkshire County Show”, held in Newbury every year. We always go, and always enjoy ourselves. The show was again good – we all bought lots of stuff and went on lots of rides. I wasn’t sick once – we all took travel sickness tablets before we went! Brilliant idea which we will try again.

I bought a magical clean everything product so I have something fun to play with now. Joe bought an axe so he was happy although he did then walk about for the rest of the day with it slung over his shoulder! But that is my lovely Joe for you. He is actually going to use it in the garden which is reassuring.

We saw the film of Pride & Prejudice on Saturday night. I must confess that going to the cinema before it opened to line up for evening tickets was definitely not worthwhile.

I got exactly what I’d expected: scenery, settings, costumes and dancing excellently done, plot irritatingly different from the book.

For a start I am not the biggest fan of Kiera Knightley because:
A) Joe thinks she is attractive and says so, and
B) she ruined the role of”Elizabeth Bennet”. Where exactly in the book does it say that Lizzie laughs stupidly all the time?

Judi Dench was good; but aside from a few good people and the lovely countryside it wasn’t worth £6.50. If you know the book well, don’t watch it! If you’re not a fan of the book then you might like this film because it is still quite a nice story and may encourage reading of the book.


Well I had to go to occupational health today to go over my health form. It was fine, but it seems that I won’t be starting work properly for a while. There are about a million paperwork hoops that I need to jump through. The very nice woman who saw me at occupational health said that it took 4 months from her having a job offer to her actually starting properly! Let us hope it doesn’t take that long for me; I was counting on that income!

Why is nothing easy? When Joe starting his job he had the interview on the Thursday, the job offer the next day, and he started work the following week. I think that was unusual though. I suppose this is what I should have expected after being offered a job by the council. Unbelieveable amount of paperwork. Plus they have to do loads of checks on you, e.g. criminal records check, which all take ages even if you have never done anything wrong.

Harry Potter

I can’t believe it; for it seems as though I’ve not mentioned book six anywhere since it was published! Well, I got it the day it was published and finished it that very same day.

Up to about 2/3 of the way into the book, I would happily have declared it the best one yet. However, the turn of events towards the end of the book made me so unhappy, I couldn’t speak for two days. I am still coming to terms with it. I am currently re-reading it, which is something I said I wouldn’t do, and waiting till after the second time through to pass judgement.

I am torn by this book. If I take it at face value, as a book, then it is a very well written and dramatic story. However, Harry Potter is more than just a book to many people – including me. I feel I have an interest in what happens to the characters (from book to book), and for this reason it bothers me.

I probably spend too much time reading Harry Potter books but at least it is a fairly heathly, and not too expensive addiction. I’m sure that I will still read – and indeed look forward to – book seven; but the Harry Potter stories of today are far removed from the original Children’s book. If I had young children, I wouldn’t allow them to read the later books.

Stupid thing

In case you didn’t know, I am a vegan with a peanut allergy. As if that wan’t enough, every day I find more food types that disagree with me. I seem to only be safe eating vegan bread, pasta or cornflakes. Grr…

On another note. It is SO much more expensive to buy “specialist foods”. I am a vegan, in part, because I have lactose intolerance so it is not entirely my fault. Buying foods that are nut free, dairy free and meat free on our current budget of £15 per head, per week is almost impossible. It is not fair.

Buyer Beware

Seriously do not buy a house unless you plan to give up your life for good. When we bought ours we never dreamt we’d never do anything nice in the evenings…ever again.

Well, that is a bit of an over-statement. However, we have been doing a lot of house stuff these last 4 months. Last night, for instance, we spent the whole evening putting up shelves and cupboards. It was worth it though, the house looks all nice now. I have a nice “office” area for my new business – decorated and kitted out in IKEA’s finest.

We do need a break from house stuff though. Maybe a nice walk if it doesn’t rain. It always rains when we plan a walk. We own a double hammock for the garden, we could just lie out all evening reading, although if we plan to do that, it will most certainly rain.

My business plans are going well, I should have finished all my studies by the end of the week. I then have to take a membership test for the governing body and after that, I’m ready to go! I am trying, without any luck, to think of exciting things to put on my business website. I am also trying – although not very hard – to understand taxes. I don’t like tax. Taking our money, grr!

Anyway, I have nothing exciting of note. Joe and I went to Devon last weekend for his sister’s 21st. We had a nice time, and did our usual NT visitation 🙂 We’re off to Reading this weekend to see my family. They will have just got back from holiday. Everyone is on holiday, or going on holiday except us. Must try to be gracious. It is not working. Moan.


I’ve got one. It is part-time (15 hours per week) working for the benefits and revenues department at Walsall Council. I shall be working as part of a job share in the training department. I am very happy about this.

The work will be on Thursdays and Fridays only. This will leave me 3 days per week for my new business. I will have guaranteed income each month; my business earnings (when I start making anything) will top up the funds. An ideal situation all round. Now all I have to do is to pass the medical!

Happy me.

I am having an Empty Nest Syndrome day today. My family have finished their visit here and have gone home. Joe is out at work, and I am all alone again. How very sad. I do have lots to keep me busy though. I am going to maximise my free time before I start work so I get as much done as I can. Especially for the new business.

First step = Shower.

Oh, yes. I forgot to say. I am also another year older as of Sunday. I was feeling quite depressed about it this year. However, I got a lot of presents: my beautiful PINK ipod mini; enough Lush products for the next year; some piano music that I REALLY wanted; somewhere to keep flowers; somewhere PINK to keep money; actual money; book tokens; bags; yummys; pretty things and the books and stationary I really wanted and needed for my new business! How can I be depressed after that?

Wow! It’s August!

I can hardly believe that August is already here. It is rather frightening how quickly time passes. I can scarcely believe that Joe and I have already been married for almost two months.

I am at home at the moment recovering from my laparoscopy. I had an appendicitis after all; and finally, after a week of avoidance, I had to give in and have the operation. I am much better for it. The slight problem is that the anaesthetic seems to have triggered epilepsy. I have always had some problems with narcolepsy. However, I have now had around thirty fits in the last week, it seems likely that I also have epilepsy. I am still waiting to see a neurologist for some tests.

Things have been rather depressing recently for Joe and me. In many ways it seems hard to believe that we have ONLY been married for two months. We have decided that we really need to spend some time with each other. We have not had a day alone together since our honeymoon. I think the reason we’ve been fighting with each other of late, is because we never have time to talk. Why is it that when you buy a house together, you never have time to enjoy it?

Apart from trying to make time for “us”, I am also trying to set up my own business. This is taking much of my time and effort, and I must confess I am finding some aspects of it very hard to understand. However, for the first time in ages, I am excited about my day job. For months I have been living for the evenings. Now I have something that is precious to me and that interests me. I just wish I knew more about business. Luckily for me, a dear friend of mine is a little ahead of me in the new business experience, so I have help on-hand.

This is about all my news. I am still not feeling one-hundred-per-cent, but I’m getting better daily. With any luck I’ll be back to the nagging; cleanliness and tidiness obsessed; list making wife that Joe loves very soon.

It is Joe’s birthday tomorrow. In spite of the lack of preparation, I hope he can still have a nice day. I felt awful sending someone else to town for his present. I really missed shopping around for the “ideal” present myself. We are going to Devon for the weekend, hopefully he shall enjoy that. Joe really deserves a bit of rest and relaxation after the stress and worry I have produced for him.