Message to all about the gym ‘Fitness First’

Just over a year ago, we moved house and I changed my name. We notified every company we needed to at the time, including Fitness First. All companies have been contacting us at our new address for the last year, including Fitness First. Until today, we had received a total of zero (non junk mail) letters forwarded from our old address.

7 months ago I cancelled my gym membership and received a confirmation letter from fitness first at my current address.

In February, Joe did the same – giving more than the required (one month’s) notice.

In April we cancelled our standing order with the bank.

Today we received a letter forwarded from our old address. I assumed this to be spam and almost threw it away. I had a terrible shock when I opened it. It was from a credit collection company stating that legal action was to be taken against Joe for failing to settle the debt that they had repeatedly been contacting us about (at the wrong address).

This was the first letter we’d had forwarded and it was dated June. If it hadn’t been for the people at our old address forwarding letters that looked like junk mail for over a year after we’d moved out, we’d never have got it!

After some detective work – and a lot of phone calls on my part, I discovered the cause of this alleged debt:

The debt occurred because Fitness First failed to update Joe’s membership status to ‘cancelled’ on their system and so had tried to take out a membership fee after we’d cancelled the membership and standing order. They’d also failed to update our address on the system (even though they have contacted us both several times at our new address). They’d also lost my new name details.

Fitness First claim to have repeatedly tried to contact Joe on an out-of-date address (without even bothering to check the pile of letters they had from us with our new address on them). When, each month, they failed to receive payment from a Mr Wrigley of 195 Dawlish Road, they added another £10 to the amount owed.

So far the financial managers of Fitness First have avoided speaking to me (in spite of me refusing to hang up until I speak to a manager and then calling back the same guy every 10 minutes for 2 1/2 hours and demanding to speak with a manager). Also, no-one will accept any responsibility for the error.

I have managed to get a membership manager (from the club we used to belong to) to send out another set of letters stating we’re no longer members and that we don’t owe the company any money. Hopefully this can stop them doing it again. Although, in spite of me telling her which address to send the letters to, it still remains a mystery as to which address the manger will actually send the letters!

The suggestions as to why the problem occurred from the call centre staff have been both wonderful and ludicrous. I shall not bore you with them all.

The recurrent impression given by the call centre chap I phoned every 10 minutes was that clearly we must have forgotten to send the letters of membership cancellation – even though we’ve got copies of the original letters (with details of when the letters were edited and printed) and, at the time, we received confirmation letters from Fitness First to say that our membership was cancelled and that they hoped we’d rejoin if they opened a club in our area!

The collective body that is Fitness First is moronic and I would strongly recommend to everyone to avoid having any dealing with this company and, if you do, keep a copy of everything they ever send you!

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  1. You need to get them to apologise and ensure they remove you from any credit blacklists you might now be on. You will need a confirmation letter from the credit company as well to confirm this.

  2. Im being contacted by a debt collection agency on behalf of fitness first. The funny thing is I signed up for a 3 month contract and cancelled it after the three, but they claim i was on a 12 month contract. Arghhh!!!!! I hate these people that con you!!!!

  3. I also signed up for a three month contract, stayed for seven months. FF are claiming it was twelve months. It’s a nightmare trying to sort it out. I happened to keep a copy of my contract – no membership type or commitment was ticked but apparently it is on their copy! What’s that about?

  4. I’m having the same problem except that I cancelled before I moved home. And, As the direct debit was cancelled, FITNESS FIRST TOOK THE PAYMENT FROM MY DEBIT CARD, using the debit card details I gave them to pay the joining Fee…I contacted watchdog and suggest you all do the same because this company has to be named and shamed!!!!

    Also 2 of my friends have joined and cancelled: SURPRISE: they’re getting letters from Fitness first claiming money… SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

  5. I had the exact same problem with LA Fitness. They expect me to keep paying them money although I quit in December 2006. Good thing I cancelled the direct debit. The insistence of gyms wanting a direct debit is a big con. Several people I have met have each had the same problem. It also took them six months to get my address and bank details correct as well. Shame on them, the fools. They will not get my money.

  6. Thanks for the site Hannah – I am glad I am not the only one. I sent a letter of cancellation, and 3 months later they tried to say I owed them money and that I had a 12 month contract. They got a copy of the original from the Nottingham Branch (apparantly) and said that confirmed it was a 12 month contract. I then sent my original copy and they have said I still owe 1 months payment which I am currently trying to get them to admit I do not owe. The call centre staff are very unhelpful and I am waiting for a letter for a court date. Anyone else having issues with Fitness First please be vigilent and don’t let their bullying tactics make you pay them what you do not owe!!!!

  7. member for 1+ years and last april 06 i transferred and i wanted to cancell 6 months into it coz the gym was so smelly, like sewers i didnt even shower there i thought the water was recycled.
    anyway i went to cancel and they said when i transferred i signed a 12 month contract.
    strange they give you a form say put your mane address and date and sign. but not a copy

    beware there is a page of terms and conditions you are not aware you are signing for.

    so now it looks likes i am stuck paying money till august 07 the manager of kingsbury london nw9 seems to mock me and assume i am a friend to him further to the truth, richard i believe you are a muppet not capable of warming soup.
    as for your fitness instructors. let me just say i declared a problem with my back so the best exercise your staff member could suggest was to carry on doing sit ups with a gymball. ok can i see his qualifications cozz my osteopath would have a few words to say to you.

    i spoke to credit control he said go to gym manager, gym muppet said go to head office.

    i will get out of this even if i have to pay 60quid for a medical letter.
    if anyone can help

  8. I am having the same problem as you Paresh- never explained or shown terms & conditions that stated had signed up for 12 months. They are a load of lying rip-off merchants. I’m so angry. Currently seeking legal advice as I work at a university where the staff get free legal advice – will let you know the result, Paresh.

  9. Hi,

    I am going through excately the same issue with Holmes place, claiming they never recieved my letter cancelling my membership, i sent it one letter complaining (it was about three pages) after I had shouted at some poor guy who answered the phone in customer services. They argeed to reduce the £324 to one months membership, but i still feel really annoyed at giving them another penny. i think this is just a tatic to get more money, and seems they are doing it to everyone.

    However I checked with my friend who is legally trained, and apparently the act of posting your letter is enough to cancel your contract, the gym don’t even need to receive it, if you have a copy of your letter (if not re create what you sent) this set out by the postal rule and the precedent was set in Adams v Lindsall and later reinforced by Dunlop v Higgins.

    Also their are rules governing gym membership agreements and they were tightened in 2002 by the Office of Fair Trading because of the volume of complaints from unhappy consumers,

    I am going to throw all this at them, and have told them if they like they can take me to small claims court for £63! will let you know what happens, but dont give up keeping fighting them!

  10. Hi

    I phoned Holmes place this morning, after faxing over a copy of my letter. And guess what, the comment “I have taken legal advice and my lawyer has informed me” got them shaking in their boots, they have cancelled all outstanding fees, and my membership is immediately cancelled from today!

    If you want any help – I think I am going to start campaigning agaisnt this con all gym’s seem to be doing email me at and lets see how many people’s fees we can get waived!

  11. Unsurprisinly after having read all of the above, I am having exactly the same problem. I have just received a letter from a company called CARS stating that I owe £66 when I cancelled my membership back in January. I have passed this on to my solicitor and have also written to the BBC’s Watchdog about this and would suggest anyone else who has had these sort of dealings with FF in the past to do the same. It’s outrageous that a company are threatening to affect my credit score when they are the ones in the wrong.

  12. Same Problem here. Set up on a 3 month contract, 3 months expired and they say its a 12 month contract. I have contacted Watchdog.

  13. I would never go back to Fitness First. This is how they make their profits, by penalising leaving members – the service sucks, their account collections are in a mess – I placed my membership on hold for 3 months of Dec, Jan and Feb and cancelled my membership in March. While I do not think it is justified to pay a full month’s membership on cancellation (specialy when you are not attending the gym) – they sent a letter from their recovery agency and when I called them they said I would have to pay 38pounds of March, 38of April and 25pounds admin charge so they have taken a 101pounds from me today. Their CIO is Colin Waggett and I would like to him and their new MD John Gamble!

  14. I would never go back to Fitness First. This is how they make their profits, by penalising leaving members – the service sucks, their account collections are in a mess – I placed my membership on hold for 3 months of Dec, Jan and Feb and cancelled my membership in March. While I do not think it is justified to pay a full month’s membership on cancellation (specialy when you are not attending the gym) – they sent a letter from their recovery agency and when I called them they said I would have to pay 38pounds of March, 38of April and 25pounds admin charge so they have taken a 101pounds from me today. Their CIO is Colin Waggett and I would write to him and their new MD John Gamble!

  15. Dear All,

    I am writing a feature for a newspaper in the UK on this very topic.
    I am looking for a woman who has been conned or badly dealt with in this way, to interview for this feature.
    If any of you are willing to speak with me, could you contact me at
    I am particularly looking for women between the ages of 18 and 38

  16. wow this is spooky, i’ve been going through the same thing, with a company called RCS [Revenue Collection Services] on behalf of another company called FitLife. To be honest never heard of either of them, but they sent me a letter saying i owed 250 quid, no proof or anything, so first letter, please send me proof, reply 3 months later [you’ve not responded i’m taking you to court], 2nd letter, send me proof…no responce as yet…….scamming gits 🙂

  17. I had my personal effects (wallet with money, debit card, driver’s license, car keys, mobile phone etc…) swiped from a FF locker and as a result, had to handover my car to my insurers to change the locks. This not only cost me my £200 excess, but also 2 yrs no-claims bonus, not to mention having to buy a new phone and the rest. FF showed very little interest in dealing with this and I am taking them to court for compensation.
    They (Fitness First) showed me little sympathy and claimed that had never happened before. But as the same exact thing did occur to a lady member just over a month after my case and I know of another case in Portsmouth, I refuse to believe there aren’t other innocents FF members victims of theft out-there. So guys, if you have been in the same situation or know of others who have been, please get in touch. Companies tend to treat us with disdain and hope that we little people go away quietely. I am not having it and would appreciate any support.

  18. This company sucks.I sign contract for 3 months and set up direct debit with them.When contract finished i decide to take another 3 months but i payed with cash all.I cancel direct debit before the end of the contract.Few days after my payment they take me money again from my account.Without any autorization.I think they just have card number and they can do everything even when you stop DD.So the best way is not cancell DD you need change card.I call today my bank and ask new card.I hope they will not take me again money.And i will ask them refund of this what they take.

  19. The blogs about fitness first are all the same worldwide. so maybe people should be aware and not patronize the company. Sad to say we also are victims and are now forced to commit to a 1 and half year contract here in the Philippines SM Fairview simply because my cousin was promised that if we ever decide to cancell our membership it will automatically be transferred to the next inquiring client. they fooled us and threatened to sue us if we fail to comply with the written contract. Promises are made to scum people especially here in this country!

  20. I joined this gym in June 07 I paid every month without fail. In may 08 I phoned the gym to cancel was told I needed to pay 1 final payment and put my request in writing. I did this and i actually brought my letter into Fitness First Gym handed it over to the lady at reception and it was marked for the managers attention. I paid the final payment and cancelled my direct debit.

    I received a call one month laster asking why the direct debit was cancelled and saying they NEVER RECD MY LETTER and I had to cancel again in writing and pay another month!

    I said I woudl not do this and as I work for a bank I knew the direct debit was cancelled.

    Yesterday I received my bank statment and guess what Fitness First have re set up a new direct debit without my authority or signature and claimed a months payment!

    I am tearing my hair out with this company, My boyfriend, mother in law and a friend have also had the same problems or problems with various things, you cant speak to anyone at the gym all the management seem to be fast talking sales kids who push you into contracts and have no management skills.

    My boyfriend had the same problem they sent the balifs on him for one premium! which he did not have to pay anyway, he got a medical letter from his doctor to enable him to cancel his membership.

    My mum in law tried to cancel hers the other daya nd was coaxed into trying to keep it or sell it on to someone else!!


  21. Hi, I sent Fitness First a letter one month befor the end of my 12 month contract, and now they are still trying to charge me for a further 2 months membership. I have a letter from CARS demanding £56 for or legal action. I have ignored it up to now as I no longer live in the UK. Has anyone actually been taken to court by fitness first, or are these just empty threats and bullying tactics? It disgraceful that so many people are being treated in this way.


    1. Hey, so I don’t know if this will be seen as it’s an eternity later, but did anything happen? I need to cancel my membership as I’m no longer in the UK and I’m concerned they might do this to me as well.

  22. I recently joined FF and didn’t know what to do after reading all the horror stories. I planned on meeting my club manager to fill the cancellation forms well on time, but after reading Jemma’s informative post, I think I’ll just post a recorded letter.

  23. i worked for fitness first for 3 months with no pay when i asked when my money would be coming threw they told me i dont get paid. I originally accepted the job off another manager who was sacked before i started because of this there were no records of emplyment that they could find, so they told me i have no contract and dont get paid, i was left broke. they then said make sure u come in tomorrow the cheek. Also while i was there i did hear the sales team talking about what there learnt in training, turns out there told for ever 1 customer that leaves we will get another 3 new ones because of this ratio i think they think its alright not to deal with any complaints by customers or staff.
    hope the owner of fitness first shoots himself in the head several times if u understand what i mean

  24. its all just shit! im tryed to cancel my memebership of fitness first because of medical reasons that have arised and the lack of time i have. so i cancelled my direct debit and wrote a letter to fitness first.
    i dont remember signing any 12 month contract and they told me when i was signing up i could quit anytime i wanted. does the fact that im 17 make any difference in all of this?

    if anyones got any advise or if they can tell me what i need to do who i need to contact to get out of this horrible mess IM me:

  25. I’ve been a memeber at Fitness First for about 7 months. I recently wanted to cancel due unforseen work changes and having to sell my car because of this. The club is a 30 minute drive from where i live and not very practical for me to attend anymore. When i tried to cancel, which took me over a month to finally get through to someone, they told me I could only cancel if I gave them all my details on why i wanted to cancel. I thought this was ok at first until I realised they wanted to know all about my salary change!!!!! Why should a GYM be given all your personal details. I had a letter showing my different working times, days etc what more did they need. Didnt get anywhere with them and ended up paying up the 12 months fee in full and now will see whether I manage to get there over the next few months. Oh and if i wanted to cancel and not use the gym they were trying to charge me £245 to cancel my memeber ship, more that what it would cost to remain a memeber!!! Work that one out!!!!!
    Fitness First is the worst gym I’ve ever been to, I was a member of Esporta and they were great, friendly and helpful and not pushy. When i had to cancel there as I moved it was easy. Letter and one months notice fee. How easy and what you would expect. As for fitness first they said they would note my complaint, I told them not to bother as I just would never recommend them and they would never have my money again.
    I wish I had looked as some of your blogs before joining. Live and learn i guess.

  26. FF r a bunch of fucking assholes!!!to cancel ur membership u need 2 go 2 ur bank n cancel ur direct debits n then close that account n then reopen a new account.C HOW THY LIKE THAT… LOL!!!

  27. I have also been dodged by Fitness first. They called several times to convince me joint the Gym and offer special discount only £4.75 for fist month. and lady who got me registered told me I can cancel it within a month to pay without a single penny. I did not read the contract (my mistake)
    I went to the gym to cancel it within that month and surprised to know that the manager was not there and receptionist told me that she will call me.
    after 2 days I received a call from her she said I need to give one month notice to cancel and therefore need to pay for one month. However after some arguments she agreed to cancel without any extra charge and I thought matter is solved.
    now I have been receiving letters from CARS (Creditlink Accounts Recovery Solutions) and they are threatening me to pay £58 (£33 one mont h and £35 admin charge)the money otherwise there will be a court action.
    I don’t know what to do. Can anyone give me advice and also someone can tell if they ever (FF and CARS) have taken someone to court or they are just using tactics to get money from us?

  28. I am very disappointed at the way Fitness first is treating the customers and in this case my self.

    Please note the following;

    1. I went to cancel my membership on the 2/04/2009, I met one of kings cross club representative and he advised me that I should put it on Freeze till I decided in June. And he agreed to give me a complementary freeze and not charge.

    2. Subsequent to this I visited the club in May when I received my credit card statement which had a charge from the club. I requested cancellation of membership and refund of fees.
    I was told by the reception staff that the manager is not available but will put in a note and get the manager to call me and the fees to be refunded. Which never happened.

    3. Once again I visited the Kings Cross club in the beginning of June, I was told once a gain the manager was not available and will refund the money and will get the manager to contact me. However this too never happened.

    4. Visited the Kings Cross club today ie 15 June 09. I was first told the manager was not available. Then when I mentioned I have been coming here several times was told the manager will contact and it never took place, the staff looked at my records. Then he called the manager and promptly mentioned that he will not be able to refund the money but is can cancel the membership and there after there would be no charge.
    I pointed out to him this is one of the most unethical things to do. As first the club did not want to cancel the membership when I wanted it, and provided me with a complementary freeze. However does go on charging my credit card. And then when I bring this to the attention I am told that the money will not be refunded.
    He calls the manager once again and informs me that the manager agrees to refund the money, however I need to give 14 days notice to cancel the membership. As a result I will be charged for 14 days.
    I did tell him that this too is unreasonable as I had given more than one months notice that I want to cancel the membership.

    I find this treatment of members very disappointing and very unethical.

    The company has made several mistakes and do not want to take responsibility for this. The incompetency of the staff does not mean that they have to penalize me.

    Should never ever join Fitness First

  29. I wished to cancel my membership of Fitness First after 18 months so cancelled my Direct Debit on the 28th of the month before ringing my local gym to inform them of this action. Was told by lady on phone that I should have given a months notice – something I was not told about when signing up and which is not at all clear on the confusing application form(something the OFT evidently agrees with at it forced FF to change their contract in December ’08 to make it easier to understand following numerous complaints). However I accepted my mistake and went into the gym the very next day to fill out a discharge form with the manager there. Explained again my mistake and asked if I could make final payment by credit card there and then as next and final DD was due out on the first of the month and I did’t wish to be hit with a late payment fee. Assured by manager that this wasn’t necessary as when DD didn’t go out I would simply receive an invoice through the post for outstanding balance which I would not be penalised for if I paid promptly. I do remember quite clearly bringing this up a couple of times as I was worried about being fined and didn’t wish to receive a black mark on my credit report and feel in hindsight I was deliberately misinformed. I then heard nothing for about a month before receiving a phone call from CARS demanding £89! Further phone calls to FF revealed I had not only been charged for final date in May but also for June after notice period had expired plus £25 late payment fee. Enquiries also revealed they had sent out 4 demands for payment to the wrong address. After arguing the toss for ages and being passed between departments they finally agreed I to reduce late payment fee to £15 and knock off June’s payment making final fee £50 which I grudgingly paid. I suppose I got off lightly but this has left me with a sour taste in the mouth. I really don’t see why I should be penalised for not paying an invoice on time which I didn’t even receive due to FF’s own administrative error!

  30. My similar problem is with Nuffield health (formerly Cannons). After explaining quite clearly that I only required 3 months membership I joined their Yeovil gym at the end of last year. I then had to be out of the country for a number of months and on returning I saw that Nuffield had continued to take the monthly fee from my account. I wrote and spoke to their call centre who kept referring to the “terms & conditions” which stated that although it was called a three month membership it was actually a rolling contract that went on for ever. I wrote to complain and received aletter from their ” Head of Customer Satisfaction” who told me he had checked with their bYeovil branch and they assured him that all was explained to me when I joined. I wrote to their MD two weeks ago and still wait any response…BEWARE of Nuffoeld Health

  31. My similar problem is with Nuffield health (formerly Cannons). After explaining quite clearly that I only required 3 months membership I joined their Yeovil gym at the end of last year. I then had to be out of the country for a number of months and on returning I saw that Nuffield had continued to take the monthly fee from my account. I wrote and spoke to their call centre who kept referring to the “terms & conditions” which stated that although it was called a three month membership it was actually a rolling contract that went on for ever. I wrote to complain and received aletter from their ” Head of Customer Satisfaction” who told me he had checked with their bYeovil branch and they assured him that all was explained to me when I joined. I wrote to their MD two weeks ago and still wait any response…BEWARE of Nuffield Health

  32. my wife was harassed in the fitness first gym in kilburn, by queens park, longon, by five women in the sauna.
    when she entered and sat down, they began making comments and harassing her.
    it was bad enough that she left in tears.
    the man at the counter didn’t file any report even though she was in tears, and so it was never documented.
    she just wanted to leave and was still weary that the people who harassed her were still around.
    she was actually scared in truth.
    she wanted to wait until i arrived 2 months later, to be present and help her through the situation.
    the first time we went to the gym, they said we had to come back as the manager wasn’t there.
    the second time we went they told us that they couldn’t cancel the account as they had to have one months notice.
    when we told them that we didn’t know that it would happen and were therefore unable to give one months notice to cancel, they said we needed to call head office.
    this was also after they told us that we had to go to police and file a report and or PROVE by CCTV that it actually happened.
    considering that it happened in the SAUNA, i don’t think CCTV would be appropriate even if there was CCTV INSTALLED in SAUNAS at FITNESS FIRST.
    when we called head office, they said the same thing which was that we had to give one month notice to cancel.
    i kept attempting to plead our case and asked if i could speak to her supervisor and she simply kept repeating that it was unnecessary and that she had already spoken to them.
    when i attempted to question the ethics behind what they were doing, she simply told me that even tho my wife was HARASSED, that she had to GIVE ONE MONTHS NOTICE and that there was NOTHING THEY COULD DO.
    if there is anything anyone reading this blog thinks i should do, please let me know.
    maybe a business ethics office, bbc 1, a tv show, and if there are any protests being planned, i’d be interested in attending.
    and thank you.

  33. this is a un scrupulous company with rude pressure tacticts. They hope that if they hassle you enough, that you’ll pay up. Ignore them and laugh at them if they turn up at the door. No power whatsoever. They will threaten to do all sorts but they won’t do anything as they know they can’t prove anything. They’re bastards that will rot in hell.

    I joined on 2 March 2009. First direct debit 1 April 2009. 12 month membership. Called to cancel on 26 Jan, giving the required 1 month notice to end my membership upon expiration of the 12 months, which I would consider to be 1 March 2010.

    They said, however, that THE 12 MONTHS BEGIN NOT ON THE DAY OF JOINING, BUT ON THE DAY OF THE FIRST DIRECT DEBIT! So according to their skewed logic, that means my membership ends on 31 March and I still have to pay them on the 1 March, making it 13 months in all. I have spoken to about 5 different people now, both at the club and at the customer service centre (including useless Debbie), none of whom have been able to show me where on the contract it states this.

    When I pointed out that this doesnt make sense, they use the excuse that I never paid for the first month. As I remember it, there was a promotion (hence why I joined) of first month free and sign up fee waived. They are saying this was not the case. I admit its possible that my memory is incorrect, and Im confusing it with just the free admin fee… But in that case they would have made me give the first payment on the spot for the first pro-rated month, which they said is how it works. Im sure these people would not let a customer use the gym for a whole month and then collect the payment afterwards! Of course I have no record of paying this because my online statements dont go back that far and getting copies will take a few days.

    Two days ago I cancelled my direct debit as I hadnt yet heard back from anyone and was already realising that this wouldnt be resolved. Now after finding all of the complaints over the internet Im dreading whats to come.And because of all of the disagreement and back and forth, I didnt send a written letter (big mistake) so even if they did magically change their minds there is no written evidence of my notice to cancel effective end of Feb. I will be sure to send a recorded letter today though, to make sure they at least do cancel it the following month.


  35. Fitness First and CARS are full of empty threats… I have been reading a lot of blogs dedicated to these bitches and no one has ever written of being taken to court by these people. I have had a wonderful time trying to get out of thier claws. The best thing is to cancel direct debit and close account and re-open another one ;). I opened one account with these people and they charged me for three 56.83 pounds each! So they were in breach of their own contract… Pricks!

  36. Hi,

    I received a text from CARS which I presume to be from Fittness First as I’ve received a text from FF last month about my account. The text read that I should contact Robert Parker as a matter of urgency. I’ve moved from my previous address and as a result the do not have my current address. I signed a 12 month minimum contract with them in Jan 2008 but cancelled my direct debit when I moved home in Oct 2010. When I was with LA Fittness I never had any problems with them when I cancelled my Direct Debit when I moved home but I find it hard to understand why FF should send my name to unscrupulous debt recovery CARS. Could someone please advice. I’ve not returned their call and neither have I received any letters from them as the don’t have my new address. What is the best way to go about it? Your candid advice will be highly appreciated.

  37. Fitness First is “Business First” door to door campaign now their way to get new business…. what a desperate move for such a big establishment.

    Don’t bother guys…. believe me, you will regret it.

  38. The worst customer service!!! I cancelled my membership over two months ago and the last payment had to be in May, but June comes and I see they still charged me!!! I called like 5 times to the gym leaving messages. Nobody called me back. I called customer service. They said my membership is not cancelled! Promised to call me back. Nobody did. It’s almost a month and nobody is helping me. I just want to cancel my membership!!! Does anybody has a phone number who could actually help me? I am sure I will never sign with them anymore and I will make sure to pass a message to all my friends. I guess this is what the Fitness First really want.

  39. I had a contract with Fitness first, after 12 month I cancelled my direct debit and rang them to tell that I dont want to use their services.
    Then I have been told that one payment (more than 6 month age) didnt reach their account, but I didnt know because no one chased up. So I refused to pay. And said that I am cancelling my direct debit so no other payment to be taken, and next month they took money different day, without my permission. How come they taking money even If I cancelled direct debit and if so how I can believe them about old payment, maybe they took some other day and I didnt noticed, does it mean that I have to go thru all my bank statements? Please advise

  40. Fitness First are rubbish! I joined at the beginning of March for a 4 month membership which they agree I signed up for. I gave them notice in early May (which was well over a month’s written notice) on their ‘cancellation request form’ at the gym for payments to stop coming out in July. So I paid for March (nearly 100 – joining fee, plus one month’s membership), 49.95 in April, 49.95 in May and what I believed to be the final payment of 49.95 in June. In my head that equates to four months. Yes? No. They still tried to debit me for July, but I had cancelled the DD. I then received two letters – one asking me to pay for July and the second letter threatened to pass my details onto a debt collection agency. I wrote a letter in response to this second threat which I sent via registered post explaining that I had fulfilled the contracted terms by paying 4 months (they are not disputing this fact). They are arguing that I cannot cancel my membership within the first four months!!!!! I.e, you can only give notice to cancel your membership AFTER month four, so you in effect, according to them, have to pay a minimum of FIVE months. I explained that I had made the minimum amount of payments and put the cancellation request in almost two months in advance and that I have moved out of the property and will be returning back to Australia and yet they persist with the text messaging and my ex flatmates tell me, the letters!
    Fitness First are an absolute joke of a company. I am contacting the UK Consumer Affairs about them and I suggest anyone else who have met their contractual agreements do the same.

  41. I have been a member of Fitness First for years. I have recently received a communication from them informing me that as from July 1st 2013 they will be increasing my monthly subscription by 66.7% YES that is right 66.7%.

    I am wondering if this is legal, let alone reasonable.????

    Am currenty loking for an alternative gym

    Liz T-W

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