Sun, Sea, Anniversary and Sunburn.

We’ve just got back from a lovely weekend in Devon where we celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary! I can hardly believe that this time a year ago we were on our way to our honeymoon. It seems like I’ve blinked and the last year has disappeared!

We had a lovely day on Saturday at Buzzards (National Trust). We enjoyed a delightful walk, a paddle in the stream and the day was made even more perfect when a beautiful Damsel fly (not entirely certain on the type) sat down about 3 inches from our eyes! Unfortunately, I got the worst sunburn I’ve ever had. I now understand why people complain about it so much! (Today I am wearing a sarong so I can avoid any straps at all and I am absolutely smothered in aqueous cream.)

On Sunday (our anniversary) we went to Budleigh and had a lovely play by the sea. Joe, naturally, dived into the sea for a good swim even though it was freezing cold! We also played in the rock pools there and found hundreds of tiny little crabs. We rescued a big crab from almost certain doom and rounded the trip off nicely with an ice lolly and a trip to get Joe some cider!

We ate almost all our meals outside in Pete and Cynth’s beautiful garden – complete with frog pond and had the most marvellous time. We even found time to go and pick out some lovely bedding plants to put in our slightly bare garden. I think we both found the weekend very refreshing and we can start the next year of married life on a really positive and happy note.

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