We’ve just got back from a lovely week in Somerset. We were staying in a tiny place called Barton St David. It was a very relaxing week and we really needed the break. Joe has gone back to work refreshed. I am still feeling poorly, but well rested at the same time.

We also met up with our dear friend Cate and her mother while we were there and saw “Mrs Henderson Presents” in the local village hall. It was such a lovely community atmoshphere. I really miss that feeling where we live.

We’re back to real-life with a thud now. If it hadn’t been for the hamsters, I don’t think we’d have wanted to come back to Walsall at all. Still, the days are getting longer and our new bathroom suite arrived today so things are looking up. I think having the new bathroom will make a big difference, the existing one is horrible!

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  1. Hello there

    I read your item about Barton St David with interest as I will be staying there all next week and know nothing about the area. Do you have any suggestions, from your experience, what to see and do?

    Best wishes,

    Jane Wilkins

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