We’re off in 2 1/2 hours! So excited. Actually, I am far too excited to do any work at all today. I cannot wait to escape Walsall and the general Birmingham area. We have had a rough few weeks on our estate, it will be nice to get away from it.

I am missing the hamsters already though 🙁 Kat and David are going to look after them for us, so I know they’ll be well cared for. Still, I will really miss them!

The doctor has given me steroids to take for the lead up to, and the duration of our holiday. This means that (although I’m putting on weight – especially around my face) I might actually get some enjoyment out of the holiday.

Recently I’ve been too poorly to walk upstairs or get out of bed. I am seeing the consultant a week on Wednesday. Even if it turns out that I have Crohn’s, at least I can get some treatment. Anything is better than how poorly I’ve felt this past week.

Prednisolone is making me feel like a new person again. Of course, it is destroying my body in so many ways – but as a temporary fix it is really helping. If it does turn out to be Crohn’s there is an alternative steroid (that my sister takes for her CD) that doesn’t make one put on weight.

All for now anyway. Got to metaphorically jump up and down with excitement now. I have my lovely Joe all to myself for a whole week! Hooray!

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