Lucy and Erin

Hello everyone. We have hamsters! 2 female Russian Dwarfs. They are so cute!

Erin is brave and inquisitive. She is slightly darker than Lucy, with a more pointed nose with black on it.
Lucy is more sleepy and a bit reticent. She is slightly paler in colour than Erin, with a rounded nose.

Both are so beautiful and lovely. I can spend ages just watching them sleep. Both have already worked out how to use their wheel. Such clever little girls.

We cannot be 100% sure that they are girls because they were too distressed in the pet shop to be properly sexed. However, they only keep same sex animals together so at least we know there wont be any babies on the way!

Once they get more settled, I can sex them properly to make sure and we’re going to play gladiator with them! They each have a giant ball for roaming around in. I expect Erin will win, but Lucy may be a dark horse!

Photos soon!

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