Happy New Year

Dear everyone – Happy New Year.

I have great plans for 2006. I expect it to be much better than 2005.

I have even come up with some resolutions – and have stuck to them so far!

1) Eat less sugar-related junk.
2) Do some (any) exercise.
3) Don’t get into any more debt.
4) Be more positive.
5) Spend more time at home with my husband.

These seem reasonable to me. I am trying to get myself off the sugar – it is a real problem. Some people can’t function without coffee – I can’t function without a sugar fix.

Reasons why 2006 will be better:

1) Not doing a pointless degree that I hate.
2) Not spending loads of money on house moving and wedding.
3) Settled into our house a bit more – with a little less DIY to do.
4) I am more happy than I have been in years: so I am able to have a positive outlook on life.
5) I am not going to try to be something I’m not.
6) I’m married to Joe.
7) I have a publisher!

I expect I’ll be having a good old moan on this blog in a week or two. At least I’ve made an effort this year.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I think you may be looking at 2005 in the bad light of the past two months. I can’t help thinking that many great things happened to you last year which you seem to be ignoring.

    1) Married Joe – come on woman! happiest day of your life, thats got to give a few bonus points to a year.

    2) Took the first step onto the property ladder – this is a step which many people have massive difficulty with and sometimes never achieve. I think you should be very proud and count yourself very prevalidged to have managed this be 21!

    3) started your own buisness – very much as above, many people dream for years to be their own boss and the fact that again you did this by 22 shows great guts and strength of person. You should be again be proud and think of this as a great step forward in life. Plus you will now be doing something you enjoy with your life and be earning money for it.

    4) Graduated with a 2:1 from a presigues (I know I have spelt that really badly, please dont think too much about it) university – as well as this being a great achievement it also ment you no longer have to do a dagree you dont really like, double wammy!

    5) spent two weeks on holiday in turkey… on honny moon!

    All in all I think 2005 was a great year for Hannah Masters/Wrigley and the easist was to be possitive in 2006 is to remember how good 2005 was!

  2. Thanks Gaz. You are most certainly right, of course. (Except we went to Turkey the year before – honeymoon was two lovely cosy cottages in Cornwall.)

    Thank you for reminding me about all the good stuff. When you put it that way it has been a pretty good year for doing stuff. Sometimes it is easy to forget when one is swamped by all the recent difficulties. I love you very much darling.

    Oh – and it is ‘prestigious’. Sometimes I hate being a proofreader because I’ll lose all my friends.

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