Film 4 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

As most of you know I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I love the books and read them over and over. I have read the Goblet of fire eight times (that is, in fact, fewer than some of the others). In spite of my love of the books, I have been enjoying the films. I have found them to be well in-keeping with the themes of the books and enjoy another way of experiencing Harry Potter. The third film being the best so far.

I got all excited with the prospect of the cinema release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. However, this was possibly my least favourite of the films so far. I think we are now getting to the stage where the books are too long to make into a film. So they have to cut major bits out and, rather irritatingly, ‘dumb things down’ to appeal to the masses.

I am glad that they have stopped making the Ron-Hermione situation into something it wasn’t. I think improvements such as these are a result of the change of target audience. Fans who started reading the books when they were first out are now late teens+. This is something I heartily approve of, although small children may differ.

The problem here is that many people in the target adult audience will not have read the books so they can’t rely on the audience to know what is happening. This is unfortunate because it leads to: simplification of the plot and exclusion of potentially confusing passages. To me, this means that the later stories won’t make so much sense.

The Good Parts:

* The magical creatures were again very realistic.

* Quiddich World Cup setting was spectacular.

* There were some added funny bits that were in-keeping with the story (Neville in particular).

* The re-birthing was well done , if slightly different from the book.

* The cast.

The Bad Parts:

* Completely changed the feel of the story (everything from cutting down the beginning, to the Yule ball, to the ending and… they even changed Dumbledore’s personality).

* Huge omissions- where were Winky? The Dursleys? The Weasleys?

* Changes that included:

-Changing the people at events (e.g. opening scenes),
-Who did things (especially with ‘Moody’)
-and who said things.

* The maze sequence was entirely different.

* Rather sadly there were more “Hollywoodesque” touches. I suppose this is to appeal to Americans. Pity though.

All in all: a reasonable attempt at a difficult task. Will I buy it? Maybe. I am certainly going to watch it again before I make up my mind about it.

The third film was an instant hit with me. However, I suspect this one will grow on me. I have to remember to separate the book from the film. They are different entities with a common theme.

3 thoughts on “Film 4 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

  1. I must say hannah you are over complicating what is in essence a very simple problem … the people makin ght e film are largly tallentless. The cast are not good, having recently scene the first film again I was hoping by the forth film the actors would have learnt to act (having not seen the two middle film) I was sadly wrong. As for the adaptaion itsself .. why miss out things that would not lengthened the film, just made it make more sence. The only logical conclution us that the director and script writers were inept. As for changing caractor personnalities, I can only again asume ineptitude , Voldormaot could have at least worn snake eye contacts and dont get me started on what the fuck they have done to Dumbldor, all they had to do was watch Lord of the Rings and if Ian makelen was too busy / has an once of self respect, just get someone to imatate him.

    All in all a very bad adaptation, and as both Lord of the Rings and (apparently, tho its not out in Arge yet) Narnia have proved, the not as good as the book cliche is does not nessissarily have to be true, you just have to be good at your job!

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