Sleepy and lazy

Been a bit lazy about writing this so here is an update:

Finally finished my dissertation! WHOOP! 3 copies printed out – all I need to do is to get all 306 pages bound 🙂

Of course now I am on to the far more unpleasant task of revising. Now, I don’t hate revision, but I didn’t understand the first module at any point when I was being taught it. I have been trying to revise from confused and disjointed notes and I am failing miserably. All my exams are over in 7 weeks. Scary stuff.

Well apart from the dreadful work situation:

We’ve had a set back to the house move, has been delayed by a week. I am really hoping it goes ahead next Monday – we are dependent on the builders at the top of the chain paying the rent on our flat when we move into the house. I’m not sure they will pay if it is delayed again. Well fingers crossed we get it.

Wedding plans going reasonably OK – spent 5 1/2 hours shopping this weekend for bridesmaid shoes and mine – came back with 1 pair! 3 bridesmaids with different footwear requirements, difficult dress colour to match and sizes from 5-8. Found the shoes I want but could not find more than 1 pair in size 8. So we need to find some in Birmingham. Nothing is easy is it?

Job hunting going OK. Not found anything yet but a few possibilities.

Anyway that is kind of it. I don’t really have anything exciting to say. stupidly tired at the moment. Still not sleeping properly – nightmares and stuff. I did think the gym was helping me sleep, but that seems to have worn off. If I go to the gym too soon before bed, it makes it even more difficult to sleep!

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