Me, the addict

Well my addictive personality has finally got the better of me. I finally shake off one, then I get another! My latest addiction is going to the gym. I would never have thought it was possible but I really love going. We have changed gym and are now going to Fitness First – my new weekly fitness timetable looks like this:

Monday eve – gym
Tuesday eve – Step class
Wednesday eve – gym
Thursday eve – RPM (studio cycling)
Friday eve – ?gym?
Saturday – Gym
Sunday –“Body balance� (yoga type stuff)

If you think mine is bad, Joe’s is a lot more intense – he is doing “Body Pump” and “Body Combat” as well. I’m really loving it, I have so much more energy and I don’t even ache any more! I used to hate going, now I look forward to it! Mind you the rest of the day I’m stuck in the house writing my dissertation! Once I’ve finished that I get to start revising for finals (timetable came out yesterday, mine is utterly awful, my exams are at the very beginning of the exam period so I have no time to revise- HOORAY!) Plus there is job hunting etc. So maybe my eagerness for the gym is just a sign of how awful my life is during the day! Happy, happy Hans!

Anyhow, I’m supposed to be writing my dissertation – did nothing yesterday because I had to go to the medschool to give a scary presentation on my project (went well but I had to sit through 4 ½ hours of listening to other people babbling about their barbaric projects where they gave innocent animals epilepsy, filmed them fitting, then murdered them!).

Got to spend all of the easter holidays working – so not really looking forward to them (I break up on Thursday). It is bad enough having to write boring projects and revise without being surrounded by people having fun within earshot and then telling you that you are being antisocial.

3 thoughts on “Me, the addict

  1. Hi,

    What’s involved with the RPM / Studio cycling thing? I only seem to cycle when I’m at the gym, which is just twice weekly, for about 3/4 of an hour. So far I’ve been able to fight off boredom by listening to the radio etc, but it might be interesting if there is some new and interesting way to sitting on a bike and get sore.


  2. Just wanted a quick rant about gyms, I know you have a new found love but I disagree and it’s nothing personal.

    Go and get some proper exercise, you that the car to the gym! I personally feel modern gyms are a sad reflection of modern life. Everything has to be laid on for us in convenient “easy to swallow” form, even getting off our arses and doing something. The thought of having to watch MTV at every given moment – even whilst exercising – fills me with fear and a manic loathing for ‘civilisation’. Bring back the days when life was your gym!


    1. Hey my name is Paul and I WOD at Crossfit CDR in Redlands. I come to Merced for PhD meetings ( I am a cdnaidate at UC Merced) every few months. I will be passing through and was hoping to drop in. What is your drop in policy? Looking forward to seeing the box.Paul

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