SO very tired at the moment – slept for hours over the weekend but still tired. I need a break. I have finished the website and I am in the process of student testing at the moment. I only have the dissertation and project talk to do now! Oh yeah, then finals, then wedding, then house move, then graduation, then I’ve got to find a job! Hooray!

I have applied for a job I love the sound of, but I shall probably be turned down. After 4 years at University, I’m not actually qualified for anything!

We have had to cancel our holiday after Easter – completion day in the way and finances jolly unhealthy at the moment. Got to be doing the most expensive things possible in just a few months (well all except have children).

Why do people want children anyway? For years I wanted to have children, then changed my mind when I started medicine, then changed it back when I met the father of my future offspring. However, over the last 6 months I have seriously gone off the idea – I don’t want to have to share Joe with anyone, nor do I intend to have free time and independence sacrificed. I suppose this make me selfish. We have decided the default position is now going to be no children. However, this can be reviewed at a later date. I might feel differently when I’m in my 30’s.

I’m rambling now, trying to avoid work, had better publish this before this lame machine decides to crash – something that I have come to expect upwards of 3 times daily!

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