still feeling ming

Still have horrible, nasty illness, unable to do anything useful. Today I have done very little, and what I have done, I have managed to screw up. All I have done is put away some washing (did 1/2hour ironing) and put the breadmaker on. Managed to give myself a nasty, painful burn on my wrist when I took the bread out, now I can’t do anything. I hate being ill, I make THE WORST PATIENT.

Worried about this application to be a teacher. My 2 main concerns are
1) I wont get a place (only applied to Brum, only place without 1hr travel that had spaces left)
2) I will get a place and I will be Scary Mrs Wrigley, Biology teacher in a little over a year!

Need to lie down head hurting.

Moan, Moan, Moan, the only good thing to do when feeling this poorly. I have given it to Joe as well, he looked terrible when he left for work (but being Joe he still went to work! Told him to stay in bed).

My wrist hurts, not showered today (yet) If I shower, I’ll have to get the burn wet – ouch.

Coughing so much, think I’ve burst something, back to bed and Harry Potter.

Bye for now.

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