Well since the music studies fell through due to my wonderful financial circumstances I have decided to train as a teacher fisrt, then later do a part-time music degree and teach music instead. This does mean that I am now applying to be a biology teacher. Scary stuff, but it will pay the bills and will be more interesting than an office job.

I am really poorly today. Have no idea why. It all started yesterday afternoon for no reason that I can think of. Can’t stand and feel so terribly sick. Going back to bed – look like a MINGER. Joe was working from home to look after me, he has abandoned me to pick something up form work(and return a library book for me) I think it is an excuse to escape my ramblings and smell!

Better go and get back into bed, I have rotational dizziness whenever I try to stand, i’m having it at the moment and I’m sitting down.

Anyway Hannah, the teacher – Mrs Wrigley! Scary. Should talk to parents but my dad is sure to complain (they’re both teachers).

Bye for now my dears – least being ill has got me out of the blood donation session this eve – actually I feel kind of like I do when I’ve given blood – maybe they took several pints without me knowing, would explain the dizziness. Wouldn’t put it past them, i’m not a rare blood group, but more rare than Joe. They send you letters to go to a session, then they phone you!! You can’t escape. I don’t mind though cos they give me anaesthetic and biscuits (yes indeed, I used to be a phlebotomist but it is very different when it is your own arm!).

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