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Got one for Christmas and it is fabulous. The white bread is the best. Too bad I’ve started the new year/approaching wedding day diet – really sucks. I’m hungry. I think about food all the time and that wonderful, intoxicating smell of freshly baked bread is torture knowing that I’m on rations!! The best thing to do with fresh bread is to cut a huge wedge and smother it in butter 🙂 This is clearly not helping the hunger situation.

Thinking of doctoring a photo of myself to make me look thin – not sure it will help, will probably make me depressed. Joe has a picture of a pink elephant in the kitchen (a likeness of himself so I’m told). Wedding dress fitting in 2 weeks ARRGH!

Who really cares though? Does anyone actually notice? Will me being a fat bride ruin our marriage? Doubt it. However the psychotic, hungry, short-tempered Hannah is proving a liability.

Just realised today that I have not left the house since Monday, turning into a hermit (again), must be a side effect of the excessive socialising over Christmas.

Better go, Re-reading Harry Potter, on second book at the moment – my least favourite (can’t stand Dobby or Lockheart). Can’t wait to get onto book 3 – by far the best in my opinion.

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  1. Hi,

    We have a breadmaker too, and have been using it on and off for a few years now… I tried to make a granary loaf yesterday with raisins which kind of failed….

    Anyway :

    Good things to come out of a breadmaker :

    1 Chelsea buns
    2 Chelsea buns
    3 Naan bread
    4 Bread with currants etc in it
    5 Rolls

    We experimented with removing butter and stuff from the loaf in order to make it more healthy, which does work, but it also makes it a bit plain… our recipies also often think they should have milk powder, which we rarely put in either.

    Often we just make the dough in ours, rise them on a hot radiator and finish off in the oven etc.

    Good luck with Harry Potter….


    (Works with Joe)

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